Cristiano Ronaldo Fanbook – 2nd Edition, 2022

 To fully appreciate Ronaldo’s stratospheric rise we must first walk the cobbled streets of his homeland and meet the people who raised him. From there we shall journey to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital and the city that began to mould a future five-time Ballon d’Or winner into a precocious young talent who would draw the eyes of Europe’s biggest clubs. Manchester and the hallowed turf of Old Trafford then beckons, witness to six glittering years, before a stunning move to Real Madrid. Then it’s on to Turin and the embrace of Juventus before we head back to the club that transformed him into a megastar. Throughout this adventure we will explore Ronaldo’s incredible success at international level and marvel at the records that he has not broken but annihilated. But what about his life away from football? When the crowd stops screaming, where next for one of the beautiful game’s finest? All this and more awaits you over the page…

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