Creative Nation Magazine – Issue X, April 2024

Creative Nation Magazine – Détermination (french) – Issue X, April 2024
English | 62 pages | True PDF | 54.3 MB

We will focus on the reason why creatives do what they do. What inspires and motivates them most to continue their life journey and careers? We will shed light on the grassroots foundations of careers. All of this is in use to highlight the main goal which is to: Inspire, Educate and, Motivate the community of viewers. Our “why” is deeply motivated by inspiring and educating. To share the foundation and background of a creative’s journey with the public- to create unity. We would focus on why the creative do what they do, what inspired and drives them to continue their life journey and careers. We want to shine the spotlight on the grassroots foundations of careers.We at Creative Nation Magazine are embarking on an ongoing collaborative project with various talented creatives from different walks of life in the industry and growing creative space. We document and capture the authentic essence of the Creatives’ background, inspirations, and composition process. While including all unique aspects that influence the creator.

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