Consumer Reports – Buying Guide 2023

Published annually since 1936, Consumer Reports Buying Guide provides readers with thoroughly researched ratings and reviews to help guide major purchasing decisions. The 2023 edition will be their 87th issue.

This exhaustive guide rates and reviews over 2000+ of the latest products across home, electronics, appliances, cars, financial services and health categories. Each review includes pricing, performance assessments, lab testing results, safety analyses, and satisfaction ratings.

Features compare product specs, showcase new innovations, offer buying advice across budgets, and provide tips on getting the best deals. This 2023 Buying Guide will also have updated content on electric vehicles, smart home technology, green appliances, and consumer privacy & security online.

Trusted by millions for unbiased evaluations, Consumer Reports tests every product rigorously in their National Testing and Research Center. Their strict independence and scientific approach has set the standard in consumer guidance. With practical recommendations and ratings, the 2023 Buying Guide helps shoppers make informed, confident buying choices.

Consumer Reports – Buying Guide 2023
Requirements: .PDF reader, 7MB | True PDF

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