Coding For Python – Volume 37 2019

Coding For Python – Volume 37 2019

Master Python and expand your programming skills!
Python has proved itself to be a flexible, easy to learn and powerful programming language for the modern computer user and developer. Python code can be found on the desktop, server room and Internet, and working in conjunction with many IoT devices.
This book will get you up and running with the latest version of Python in no time. Soon you can learn how to code and more importantly, how to apply that code to a real-world situation such as creating a game, coding an essential backup script or creating a random password generator that you can use at home or work.

– 160 pages of guides and tips
– Learn Python 3 and apply it to real world programs
– Code games, utilities and much more
– Packed with top tips and tutorials

Getting Started with Python:

Regardless of whether you’re a student, computer enthusiast or just curious about programming, our tutorials help you discover how Python works and how it can be used to interact with you and other users. What’s more, you can also start to learn how to think like a computer programmer and how to apply your knowledge in tackling computing problems. Coding for Python has been written to help you learn Python from the ground up. Learn where to download the latest up-to-date version of Python, how to install and launch it from Windows, macOS, Linux computers, and the Raspberry Pi.

Step-by-step Coding Tutorials:

The tutorials in this book have been written to help you build your confidence when using Python. Starting with simple code, you will soon be able to create a Python program that can ask the user’s name, store information in a database-like setting, manipulate lists of data and even write to files in your own system.

Python Code Repository:

Once you’ve mastered the finer points of Python programming, and to help you in your quest to create code, we’ve included a huge Python code repository. Here you can snip sections out or even use the entire code in your own programs. It’s a valuable tool that can help you get the best from Python and your code.

Using Linux:

If you’re using the Raspberry Pi to develop your Python code, then it’s essential to learn how the Pi’s operating system functions, in order to get the most from your code and any future projects you have in mind. The Raspberry Pi uses Raspbian, which is a Linuxbased operating system. Linux operates differently to Windows and macOS but it’s a solid and powerful base on which to learn how to code with Python. We bring you an in-depth section within these pages to help you explore Linux and eventually master it.

Coding For Python – Volume 37 2019

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