Classic Rock Special: The Blues Collection – 7th Edition 2023

Classic Rock is a British rock music magazine that publishes special editions on various music genres. The Blues Collection is one such special issue that focuses on the history and impact of the blues genre.

First published in 2003, the 2023 edition marks the 7th release of The Blues Collection. The 116-page special edition traces the evolution of the blues from its African-American folk roots in the late 19th century through key artistic and recording milestones up to contemporary blues-rock.

Through in-depth articles and interviews, the special issue covers pioneering blues artists like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith, and B.B. King. It explores the musical characteristics and styles within the genre, like Delta blues, Chicago blues, electric blues and more.

The edition also contains reviews of essential blues albums, songs, and documentaries. Photographs, illustrations, and sidebars on relevant traditions like gospel and jazz complement the text. A bonus CD includes blues standards demonstrating the genre’s range.

For blues fans, The Blues Collection offers an immersive, insightful survey of the music’s vibrant history and culture. Classic Rock revisits the blues’ immense influence on rock, profiling legends and unsung heroes who shaped the genre over decades.

Classic Rock Special: The Blues Collection – 7th Edition 2023
English | 148 pages | PDF | 187.7 MB

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