Canadian Living – December 2019

Canadian Living – December 2019

Here at Canadian Living, we have a foolproof recipe for creating any sparkling celebration: Take one occasion (right now it’s the holidays, obviously), stir in a few traditional treasures and a couple of modern decorations until well blended. Add a few favourite people; mix well; Fold in an abundance of delicious food and sprinkle with a soupcon of background music (shaken or stirred). Garnish with a festive setting and swirl. Allow mixture to infuse for at least six hours (or up to overnight). Pretty straight forward, right? But as you, our readers, know, we are masters of taking simple things like everyday recipes and making them spectacular.
So it’s no surprise, then, that when we were putting together this Sparkling Celebrations issue, we aimed to offer all the little things that would make this season even more special. Case in point: Our “50 Best Holiday Gifts” story, starting on page 21, which includes gifts for every. single. person. you need to buy for. We promise.

Following on are articles that cover the best festive fashion and beauty looks—all streamlined and easy to achieve in minutes, because who doesn’t want to look their best with next to no effort? And don’t worry, we’re not forgetting about advice that helps you care for yourself in a holistic way. We’ve got ways to boost your immune system with essential nutrients, how to achieve better posture and why a calming scented candle has the power to make your home a haven. (If those stories don’t do it for you, our gin-focused dishes on page 100 just might—wink, wink!)
Finally, we present recipes that hit the mark for every sparkling celebration on the books, be it a fancy weekend away with a couple of close friends, a classic family feast, a neighborhood dessert party or a drop-in buffet soiree. We’re sure there’s something here to whet the appetite of all your loved ones.
Whatever you do, wherever you are this season, remember to take a deep breath, live in the moment and feel the spirit. Happy holidays!

Canadian Living – December 2019

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