Boxing News – Volume 78 No. 25, 23 June 2022

Boxing News – Volume 78 No. 25, 23 June 2022
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Overview: Boxing News – Every Fight, Every Punch, Every Week, we take you ringside with us! • Enjoy exclusive news, features, videos, interviews and galleries • Ringside reports from big international fights to the small halls • Expert pre-fight analysis of the contests people are talking about Written by our experienced editorial team, international journalist network and exclusive contributions from big-name sporting legends Further information: – You can download the latest issue, back issues from January 2012 and special editions like the 100 Greatest Heavyweight Boxers and Fighting Fit magazine. – Exclusive photographic galleries, videos and interactive links: Access key stories, videos, photo galleries, as well as audio content quickly and easily. Special interactive enable you to interact with us on social media or email or writers. – Instant access: download an issue instantly. Once you have downloaded an issue you can access it wherever you are.

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