BeanScene – February 2020

BeanScene – February 2020

Welcome to the first edition Of BeanScene for 2020. This year is already shaping up to be one Of the most eventful yet for the Australian coffee industry, with the coffee world coming Down Under in May for the 2020 World Barista and Brewers Cup Championships and Melbourne International Coffee Expo.
The event will be a time showcase new and emerging trends in the commercial and domestic coffee industry, as the accessibility to specialty coffee continues to spread. One such machine that has the domestic coffee machine talking is the successor to the iconic Rancilio Silvia model, the Silvia Pro.
Combining the classic look and feel Of the Silvia with advancements in coffee technology, BeanScene Editor Sarah Baker says it had been years since a domestic coffee machine graced the cover Of BeanScene, and the start Of a new decade seemed like the perfect time to honour this iconic machine.
“The Rancilio Silvia has been pride Of place in Australian homes for years and the new model is expected to drive the next generation Of specialty coffee lovers who want to enjoy quality coffee at home,”
Sarah says. “Australians take their coffee seriously and now there really is no excuse.”
The Rancilio Silvia Pro was first released at HostMilano 2019 in Italy. Rancilio Area Manager — Australasia Paul O’Brien says demand for the new model has been unbelievable.
“l was on the Rancilio stand in Italy and was fielding constant calls from Aussies who wanted to get their hands on the machine,”
says Paul. “People love the original Silvia for its simplicity and performance. Now the new model has the technology to match.”
The Silvia Pro is not slated for release until later in 2020, however just before Christmas, BeanScene was lucky to use one Of two models in the country, flown in especially for the covershoot and customer testing. For such valuable merchandise, it was also important to find the right venue to host the shoot.
Paul suggested long-time Rancilio partner and equipment and accessory retailer Coffee-A-Roma in Malvern East, Victoria, where regular BeanScene photographer Blake Storey snapped the winning action shot.

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