BBC Good Food Specials – Brilliant Batch Cooking 2023

BBC Good Food Specials is a line of one-off magazines published annually by Immediate Media Company in collaboration with BBC Good Food.

Brilliant Batch Cooking is a 148-page special issue focusing on preparing multiple meals efficiently. This 2023 edition features over 100 recipes designed for batch cooking.

It provides detailed meal plans and prepping guides for streamlining cooking. There are specific strategies for batch cooking key ingredients like chicken, mince, fish, pulses, rice, and potatoes.

Features include freezer meal ideas, tips for repurposing leftovers, quick batch desserts, and interviews with meal prep experts. The recipes cater to varied diets with labels for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free dishes.

With full-color photoshoots of finished recipes, the vibrant magazine makes batch cooking seem achievable and rewarding. The recipes aim to save time and minimize food waste through handy batch cooking methods.

From family-friendly weeknight dinners to solo cooks and couples, Brilliant Batch Cooking provides inspiration and techniques to cook multiple meals in one go. With meal prep pointers and simple make-ahead recipes, it offers a practical guide to efficient, stress-free cooking.

BBC Good Food Specials – Brilliant Batch Cooking 2023
English | 24 pages | PDF | 29.8 MB

BBC Good Food Specials – Brilliant Batch Cooking 2023

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