Ancient History Magazine – Issue 46 – October 2023

Ancient History Magazine – Issue 46 – October 2023
English | 60 pages | True PDF | 32.6 MB
Historical study isn’t something that everyone immediately associates with modern technology. Karawansary wants to help change that – history doesn’t always have to be printed on paper. We recognize the power of the web for conveying ideas, whether as a blog post or a podcast. And because we view dialogue and debate as critical to a full understanding of history, forums and social-networking sites like Facebook play a key role in our work.
We know that there’s more to a good read than just a gripping text. All of our books and magazines are of the highest possible quality: our bindings, paper and printing are always a cut above. We don’t neglect the pictures either: both our books and magazines are richly illustrated not only with detailed photographs, but also with original drawings and paintings made just for us. Much of the latest research in the field of history is targeted at an academic audience and is often expensive, difficult to find and frustrating to read.

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