Ancient Egypt – May/June 2021

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Ancient Egypt, written by Egyptology experts, is a colorful and informative global magazine that appeals to Egyptology professionals as well as anybody with an interest in this intriguing early civilization. This beautiful, well-presented magazine, published bimonthly, keeps readers up to date on the latest news, discoveries, excavations, and study into Egypt’s history from Predynastic antiquity to the modern period. There are detailed pages on the pyramids’ construction, the lives of the great Pharaohs, brewing and agriculture, health and sickness, gods and goddesses, tombs and temples, and ancient Egyptian art and culture. Learn about great Egyptologists and explorers, as well as ancient priests and peasants; learn about Egyptian technology and the most recent DNA and scanning techniques. Tutankhamun died in what manner? How did hieroglyphic writing function? What did the ancient Egyptians eat for breakfast? All of this, plus museum collection guides, book and interactive media reviews, and event listings for all UK Egyptology Societies as well as important global conferences and exhibitions. Do you have a thing for ancient Egypt? Then Ancient Egypt magazine is a must-have for you!

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