All About Space – Black Holes, 2nd Edition, 2022

All About Space – Black Holes, 2nd Edition, 2022
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Overview: We may not be able to see them, but black holes are out there. There’s even one at the center of the Milky Way. But what is a black hole? And how are they made? These questions and more are answered in this new title from the makers of All About Space. Uncover the truth behind the creation of black holes, and get up close with the primordial giants that have been around since just after the Big Bang. Find out what happens when black holes turn white and take a trip to the Event Horizon Telescope to see how the first-ever picture of a black hole was taken. We also take a look at questions that have plagued astrophysicists for decades. Can life actually exist around black holes? Can a spaceship be powered by a black hole’s energy? And could these cosmic enigmas even be gateways to parallel universes?

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