All About History – Greatest Empires, Fourth Edition, 2022

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Overview: When people think of empires, they often cast their minds back to the Romans – the military state that spread its influence throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East is perhaps the most famous example of imperialism that we have. But does that make it the greatest? All About History Greatest Empires takes a look at the others that have risen and fallen, from the very first – the Akkadian Empire, founded in 2334 BCE – to the setting of the Sun on the British Empire in 1997 and everything in between. Meet the Spanish and Portuguese, who battled to conquer the New World first, and explore Imperial China and its famous Forbidden City. Discover which empire was behind Islam’s Golden Age before heading to Central America to find out about the Aztecs and the Incas. These are history’s greatest empires, and they’re waiting for you to uncover how their legacies have endured to shape the world we know today.

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