All About History – Book of Roman Britain 3rd Edition, 2021

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“Roman legionaries first set foot on British soil in 43 CE. It wasn’t the first time the Romans tried to take the island – they’d attempted twice before – but this time, the invasion would succeed. The troops fought their way through modern-day England, annihilating the tribes that refused to submit to Roman dominion. The native Celts fought for their lives and their homeland as the soldiers advanced further north, but the enemy was too powerful. The Romans were not going anywhere. Discover the violent opposition to Rome’s imperialist expansion in All About History Book of Roman Britain, and learn what truly happened when Boudica rebelled in 60 CE. Take a walk around Hadrian’s Wall, the Roman Empire’s northernmost point, and meet the soldiers who served there. Learn how the invaders took their gods and culture with them, and what they left behind when Rome began to fall…”

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