All About History: Book of Assassinations – 1st Edition 2020

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Overview: “Some events startle the world, while others have irreversibly altered the trajectory of human history. Dive into the murky world of coups, conspiracies, and crafty plots behind the most infamous murders. Whether the victims were powerful leaders, adversaries of the state, outspoken campaigners, or high-profile celebrities, the violent, unexpected, and frequently extremely public character of their deaths left a mark on our collective consciousness. Few would forget where they were when the news broke of the tragic deaths of JFK or Martin Luther King, for example – heroes respected by millions over the world, snatched too soon by despicable acts of violence. When individuals lose their idols, especially individuals with the capacity and potential to effect significant change, many people feel robbed of a future that could have been. While many assassinations are met with global outrage and sadness, this is not always the case. The elimination of a single high-value target can swing the tide in the terrors of war. Many clandestine plots, such as those to assassinate Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich and Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, were considered as necessary evils for the greater good. Continue reading to investigate the accounts, evidence, and long-term consequences of over 25 prominent assassinations, as well as the unsuccessful attempts that would have set history on an entirely different route.”

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