Airbrush Step by Step English Edition – Issue 4 2021

The epaper Airbrush Step by Step – is the magazine for all airbrush artists from the beginner to advanced level. It appeals to both classical airbrushers and plastic scale modellers, the body or custom painter as well as professional illustrators. With Airbrush Step by Step magazine you will benefit from detailed how-to descriptions while it provides both guide lines on basic skills and professional tips. It presents state-of-the-art products and shows new techniques of operation as well as news and reports on issues of airbrush and illustration. You will read about events and news from the European airbrush scene, tips from experts as well as reports on airbrush jobs and projects, inviting you to turn over pages, to consult and collect the magazine for longterm.

English | 68 pages | PDF | 50.2 MB

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