Active Magazine – November 2023

Active Magazine is a new local publication catering to the vibrant sports and leisure community across Stamford and Rutland. Reflecting the growing participation among residents in athletic activities, health clubs, and adventure sports, Active taps into this momentum by connecting enthusiasts with local events, groups, businesses and more.

With an experienced editorial team immersed in the regional scene, Active provides inspirational tips plus profiles of athletes and coaches to motivate readers of all levels. For local companies, it offers opportunities to increase their visibility and customer base by showcasing products, services and partnerships tailored for an active lifestyle.

Ultimately, Active Magazine promotes an energized, engaged lifestyle by tapping into the area’s wave of sporting passion – inspiring people to discover new pursuits while supporting the local infrastructure to make community participation accessible to all.

Active Magazine – November 2023
English | 60 pages | True PDF | 17.6 MB

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