4×4 Magazine Australia – December 2019

4×4 Magazine Australia – December 2019

WE LOVE BEING able to feature some of the best and most interesting modified 4×4 vehicles from around Australia and the world each month in 4X4 Australia. These vehicles show there’s no end to the ingenuity and imagination of 4×4 owners and drivers. All sorts of vehicles are covered, from vintage Jeeps to diminutive Suzukis and the latest LandCruisers and Patrols, and nothing is off limits when it comes to the modifications performed.
Whether you’re simply adding a set of all-terrain tyres, a long range tank and a bull bar for long-distance touring with the family, or going all-out with 44-inch tyres, a V8 conversion, competition suspension and a roll cage for a rock crawler, the way you kit your fourby is a reflection of you and what you do. Everyone is different and has unique tastes and requirements, and the next bloke will probably do things differently to you; but it’s always interesting to see what others are doing.

How about the insane 6×6 LandCruiser build by MSA 4×4 Accessories, which we’ve been following this year? We have that completed truck in this very issue. Or the sweet, black Jeep Gladiator on 37s we saw last month? Two very different builds for different people and probably not to everyone’s liking, but interesting all the same. There are elements and accessories on each of them that we could adapt to our own builds.
It’s always fun to look back and compile our favourite Custom 4x4s of the Year, and that’s just what we’ve done this month. Now it’s over to you to vote for your favourite rig and, in turn, go in to the draw to win a Maxxis tyres voucher. Speaking of Maxxis, I’ve been mighty impressed with the Maxxis RAZR muddies fitted to our Ford Ranger. The Ranger is my interpretation of how a modern 4×4 ute can be built-for-purpose using some of the best products on the planet, to tour over any terrain. The Ranger is now more capable, functional and enjoyable to drive, so it has achieved its goals so far. However, it’s not finished yet and there are more goodies to come. Stay tuned!

4×4 Magazine Australia – December 2019

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