3D Art & Design Annual – Volume 6, 2021

The world of 3D art and design grows exponentially every year and has been doing so for a long time now. Whether it’s in the modelling, texturing and real-time rendering you see in videogames, the blockbuster visual effects you see in movies, the clever invisible effects that are the building blocks of many TV shows or anything in between, the impact of developments in the visual effects industry can be easily identified throughout the entertainment, product design and medical fields. Whether you’re a professional working in the industry, a student or enthusiast, or just interested in the limitless possibilities that computer graphics present, The 3D Art & Design Annual is packed full of expert tutorials for you to absorb, written by some of the greatest artists in the field and covering every aspect of the 3D production pipeline from concept to the final render. On top of this, we’ve provided you with an astonishing assortment of free 3D resources for you to download, including hours of video tuition, 3D models to use in your work and much more.

Requirements: .PDF reader, 93mb


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